Price List and General Terms and Conditions

Please check the price list and terms and conditions before booking. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

Wedding Packages

For me the most important is to understand your expectations. I do not want just to sell a service – I want to become part of the history of your love, I am going to your wedding as a friend with a smile on the face and in the hearts of good emotions.


Up to 2 hours wedding photography coverage
All images on USB stick


£ 400
Up to 4 hours wedding photography coverage
All images on USB stick


£ 750
Up to 8 hours wedding photography coverage
All images on USB stick


£ 1000
Up to 10 hours wedding photography coverage
All images on USB stick
Eco leather album 20x20 with 10 pages (20 sides)
Two photographers

Contact me to discuss covering your wedding or celebration. Travelling cost and travelling time within England included on all packages except silver package.

Download Wedding Photography Contract


Portrait is a personal image which reflects your individuality. It is perfect as a profile picture, for your CV to stand out as a candidate in today’s busy market place, starting up a modelling career or simply to impress your friends on Facebook. Light make up is advised in order to emphasize your natural features since portrait is meant to reveal your individual appearance rather than endeavours of a make-up artist. Help with make-up and matching it to your choice of clothing available on site. Please bring your regular make up palette for the photo shoot.

Newborn Session

Available for babies of up to 4 weeks old. Session takes from one up to three hours, extended session time available at no extra cost in case of encountering difficulties during the photo shoot. Parents are advised to bring babies for sessions without feeding them or allowing them to sleep prior to the session. We have a designated place for feeding babies on site. That way a baby is more likely to fall asleep right before the session which ensures smoother use of a session time. Further advice on preparation for the session can be provided over the phone.

These sessions are calm, peaceful and relaxing. A variety of backgrounds available, specific requirements met on demand upon consensus between the photographer and the client.  Studio is stocked with some blankets, baskets, wraps headbands and many more. Decorations can be arranged. About 10 professionally retouched digital photos will be provided and recorded on a USB in box and its copyright free.

Studio Session

Studio (indoors) photo shoots available for portrait, maternity, individual, couples, theme sessions. Clients are welcome to bring any decorations they wish to use during a photo shoot. Themes for sessions suggested by clients are accepted in verbal or visual form, we can discuss this further over the phone or on Facebook. The photographer may suggest a theme for a photo shoot. Our  make up artist or hair stylist is available for theme sessions with additional cost. Transportation within Milton Keynes area is available for a small fee.

Outdoor Session

Children and adults alike come to live in an open air! Wipe the dust off your motorbike, pull your fishing rod out of the storage and let’s hit the road for a vivid outdoors photo shoot! ;o) Old barns, water mills, countryside all look great in dynamic, lively pictures composed to capture that perfect moment of your lifestyle reflecting your unique individual personality. Family pictures on a picnic, bicycle ride or a day out at the lakeside may include pets, barbecues, fishing trips to name a few. Do not miss out on a perfect opportunity to capture these treasured moments you share with your family and friends for those cold winter evenings sharing memories by that mug of hot tea…

In a mood for romance? Breath taking individual, couples and family pictures can be taken featuring sunsets, lake views, wild flower meadows and more. Just use your imagination. The sky is the limit!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i pay?

Cash or transfer (Visa, MasterCard, through paypal or on the day of the shoot).

Additional fees?

Outside Milton Keynes – £20 for up to 30 miles, if more can be negotiated. Photo edit: If you want your photo to be edited (body lines edited etc.) – £10 per picture.


After Photo shoot you will get a minimum of 10 high quality retouched photos. Choice between RAW and retouched photos (medium and high resolution), or both.

ALL the photos from your shoot are digital and in JPG format that will give you  availability  to view on your PC, send to friends and families or print. Will be written into USB.

Retouching is one of my bigest, most important work on finishing photos. We can discuss any specifics on the day, but I will generally smooth over skin, sharpen and brighten eyes and remove any spots, scars or skin blemishes. I prefer keeping a model’s natural appearance only retouching obvious faults.

No additional fee if photo-shoot is in Milton Keynes. On some like Newborn photo sessions for additional time there will be no extra fees.

Any advice?

You’re welcome to change your top/hair as often as you like. (It’s usually good to try at least two different tops.)

Practise poses in front of a mirror.

Feel free to contact photographer for advice on how to prepare.

What should I wear?

Please bring lots of tops and colours. If you not sure what to wear please bring as many clothes as you like with you and we will advise you or will try a couple of shoots and if you like the way you look, we start from there. Think about the sort of looks you want to be looking. You will look different in a shirt than you do in a t-shirt. Jacket or a hoody will be great sometimes. For Portrait shoot most things will do, but avoid busy patterns, stripes and anything too fussy around the neck. For Portrait remember ladies that it is neckline that is important, not the bustline. Clothing for boys: smart shirt, jeans, knitted jumper. Clothing for girls: dresses, jeans, tops. No writings, logos, patterns, just plain.

Do you like my photos?

Get in touch with me to discuss your photoshoot!